INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

16 August 2022  1100-1215

INLS777 Fall 2022

Welcome to the first semester that this class is being taught

Q: What does this mean?
A: It will be an exploration.

We will meet each Tuesday in Manning Hall, room 0307, from 1100-1345 Eastern Time.

We have some basic goals for this class, in this semester.

  1. build a cohort of colleagues, people we will know for two years, and for a career
  2. be able to speak on the topics easily and authoritatively (because it's a valued skill)
  3. know the pioneers (to understand the roots)
  4. understand current thinking on basic elements of the field

So, in this first 75 minute session, we'll introduce ourselves, with me starting by introducing myself (wherein you will discover why we will use a 24 hour clock and a particular day-month-year [or year-month-day] date pattern).

When you see the slide icon in the left sidebar, you will know that there are slides that will be used during the session and are available for you to download and use as you see fit.

We will then separate out into eight or nine five-person groups. We will move into those groupings to learn something about each of us. And we will use that newfound knowledge to introduce our group members to the rest of the class.

Then we'll look over the course, note the schedule, review our expectations, and begin to get ready.

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