Where does the public library exist?

This is what we'll talk about during the session on Wednesday, 10 February 2021.

Readings for the Community Context

We have considered both the philosophical context within which supporters of public libraries have operated and we have considered the political context in which the philosophical context had to be implemented. This week we will consider how those two contexts mesh with the communities in which they existed. The literature review covers a broad spectrum, but is a bit focused on the way public libraries were engaged with smaller communities, especially smaller, somewhat rural communities in North Carolina.


As you read it, think again about how the experiences described in the review relate to your own public library experience. You may be much more familiar with urban libraries or libraries from outside the South, but the issues of who "owns" the public library and who are "served" by the public library are pretty much the same, matter the situation.

Read this one and plan to post a consideration about it.
Bergquist, R. (2008) The Community Context

This additional reading is optional. You may find this interesting as well. You do not have to post a consideration of the following reading, but you may find you will get a fuller sense of Earnestine Rose's thoughts as you consider the required reading.

We'll spend some time discussing these readings in light of current perceptions and realities.

Other stuff to consider

  1. The Libraries Bringing Small-Town News Back to Life
  2. Twice a year, this floating library delivers thousands of books to the remote islands of Stockholm’s archipelago.
  3. To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library
  4. Historic bank transformed into modern library & community hub
  5. How public libraries help build healthy communities
  6. PEW report: How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities
  7. For The First Time, a Library in Mariners Harbor, Staten Island
  8. Turning A Page Inside A Rural One-Room Library

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