How do public libraries exist?

This is what we'll talk about during the session on Wednesday, 03 February 2021.

Readings for the Political Context

We have considered why public library supporters have worked to create the institution. Now we will be turning to how they have had to work within a political framework in order to achieve their goals.


The public library does not exist in a vacuum, it exists in a political environment. The required reading below is a literature review that places the public library in North Carolina in its political setting. Again, it is a historical review that discusses the difficulties public library supporters have encountered trying to find financial support for libraries. It also discusses the social/cultural realities that also complicate the picture.

Read this one and plan to post a consideration about it.
Bergquist, R. (2008) The Political Context

This additional reading is optional. You do not have to post a consideration of this reading, but you may find you will want to incorporate some of Garceau's thoughts into your required consideration.

We'll spend some time discussing these readings in light of current perceptions and realities.

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