This session will be led by group 02, Wonder Women, as everyone discusses and deliberates on what we see as the essentials of the module

An introduction from Barcelona

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Thinking about how we think as individuals and as individuals within an organization

from the Nguyen article
Something has gone wrong with the flow of information. It’s not just that different people are drawing subtly different conclusions from the same evidence. It seems like different intellectual communities no longer share basic foundational beliefs. Maybe nobody cares about the truth anymore, as some have started to worry. Maybe political allegiance has replaced basic reasoning skills. Maybe we’ve all become trapped in echo chambers of our own making – wrapping ourselves in an intellectually impenetrable layer of likeminded friends and web pages and social media feeds.

Escape the echo chamber | by C Thi Nguyen in Aeon Magazine, 09 April 2018

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You don't have to read these unless you wish to, but we might touch upon them in conversation

one object in the midst of others

Read the intro to a classic on information and organizations, it might prove illuminating.

One thing we still want to emphasize with this book is the way in which, when reports isolate information or data, they too easily dismiss the complex social and organizational resources without which that information or data often simply makes no sense. Returning attention to those resources, problematic though they can be, can allay much of the anxiety that raw information or data give rise to by setting them in manageable contexts.

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things we'll talk about

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something to take away

Santa Maria de Buenos Aires

The Gotan Project and a quote about them from their entry.

Gotan Project is a musical group based in Paris, consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal (French), Eduardo Makaroff (Argentine) and Christoph H. Müller (Swiss, former member of Touch el Arab). They formed in 1999. Their first release was Vuelvo Al Sur/El Capitalismo Foráneo in 2000, followed by the album La Revancha Del Tango in 2001. Their music is clearly tango, but also uses electronic elements such as samples, beats and breaks ... The name of the trio comes from a form of wordplay very common in Rioplatense Spanish's argot named vesre. This wordplay involves the reversal of syllables.

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