INLS161-001 Fall 2021

Tools for Information Literacy

Wrap up Task 01

Task Components

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Task 01.01 | prepare to share with the class

Use the forums function in Sakai to create a posting introducing yourselves

Task 01.02 | stay in touch with current news

Sign up for two newsletters and mention them in your 01.01 posting

Task 01.03 | client skills - download and install software

Set up your Virtual Private Network connection by going to VPN Installation and Clients. Log in there and install the VPN client on your personal computers so you may use it to communicate with UNC servers when you are operating outside of the UNC network.

Task 01.04 | server skills - command line

Demonstrate some basic server operating system command line functional skills by using Terminal to create a directory in your public_html space on Opal

Task 01.05 | install a SecureFTP tool

Using either ITS's software distribution site or any other tool that you prefer, download and install an SFTP tool compatible with your personal laptop and the UNC servers

Task 01.06 | install a text editor

Depending on your OS and your preferences, install a text editor on your laptop.

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