Module 04
Information Pathways Report

We often do not realize what we have learned until after due deliberation. Writing a module report provides you an opportunity to reflect on the readings and lectures, and reading the reports you write provides me a chance to assess to what extent you have met the learning objectives.



For module 04, we will do something different - since we have discussed networks, we will create a depiction of our own network(s). Using a mindmapping tool, create a network diagram of your information world.

mindmapping diagram
  1. Something about the course content:
    Show how INLS201 fits into the network of your classes and/or your major or minor
  2. Something about yourself:
    Show how school is only one branch of your total life - connect it to networks in which you engage outside of your class existence
  3. Something about life:
    Expand your network description to include the nodes that you use for information about things that are important to you

The resultant map should describe your "information network"

  1. by depicting your school networks,
  2. your social networks,
  3. and your knowledge networks that inform you in all areas of life.


Use any mindmapping or brainstorming tool to develop your network diagram.

There are a number of options
  2. MindMeister
  3. xMind
  4. Coggle

If you know of another networking tool, you may use that tool instead of the ones recommended above.

Take your pick of your options, but ensure that the instructor can see your work. Put a link to your mindmap in your Sakai dropbox.



Due by: 2359 hours on Monday, 23 October 2017

Grade What it means What I will be looking for
A Mastery of course content at the highest level of attainment that can reasonably be expected Evidence of a thought through network diagram in which size, shape, color, and connections are all clear, understandable, robust, and structured
A- A totally acceptable performance demonstrating an adequate level of attainment Really, really good, but perhaps not enough to convince one that it is a full illustration of an information network
B+ Really good, but perhaps a bit shallower in terms of either content and/or format
B Good, but perhaps even a bit shallower in terms of either content and/or format
B- Good, but not as good as it could have been
C+ A marginal performance demonstrating a minimal passing level OK, in terms of having created a network diagram, but not good in terms of articulating your understanding in a manner that is easy to read and appreciate
C You seem to have made an attempt at creating a network diagram, but you did not articulate your understanding well enough to do more than the minimum
C- It's time to start wondering if you missed something important, if you misunderstood the task, if you did not understand the key elements
D+ This is a warning that you are not currently on the right path; you might need to have a discussion with the instructor about this performance
D There are indications that you were present and that you sort of grasped what we had discussed, but missed the key points to such a degree that you really need to re-group and catch up
F For whatever reasons an unacceptable performance If it's unacceptable, it is unacceptable; it should be as obvious to you as it is to the instructor