Task 01.03: Subscribe to ONYEN services

There is the possibility that you have not, for some reason, been subscribed to services.

Confirm that you are subscribed to ONYEN services.

  1. Go to ONYEN services.
  2. Try to log in there at the "subscribe to services" button with your ONYEN and ONYEN password.

If your credentials are working, you will be directed to a List of Services for your ONYEN. Check to see that you are subscribed for "Login, AFS file space (login.its.unc.edu)" services.

If your ONYEN credentials do not work on the ONYEN page, we have a different problem. The ITS server is very case sensitive, so if your password has numbers or upper case letters in it, they must be entered exactly as ITS expects to see them.

Give the ONYEN services page a try and send an email note to to let me know what you discovered, or what you had to do.

We may have to download and install OpenAFS software on our personal laptops, but we won't know if we do until after we try the ONYEN permissions page.