Grading Standards

One of the important things we hear from employers of IS grads is that our grads have the ability to express themselves clearly and coherently in written and verbal formats. Accordingly, our evaluation tools for INLS201 are written and verbal formats.

But what kind of standard will be applied?

Subjective assessment draws upon the instructor's professionally developed awareness of quality in academic or other work. This may be essential for assessing with validity, because some outcomes require sensitivity to context and thus cannot be assessed in a fixed way across contexts. Objective assessment, in contrast, relies on quantitative scales that could apply to description of student work or performance. [IUPUI]

Therefore, grading the evaluation tools for INLS201-002 is necessarily a subjective effort and a grade will generally mean the descriptors in the table below.

  Grade What it means
  A Mastery of course content
at the highest level of attainment that can reasonably be expected
A totally acceptable performance
demonstrating an adequate level of attainment
A marginal performance
demonstrating a minimal passing level
  F For whatever reasons
an unacceptable performance