Table III-40

Specific Course Changes Made during 2000-2001




Courses Added

Courses Dropped

Experimental Courses




Info Access/Evaluation

Designing Info Structures

Technologies for Building Info Systems

History/Effects of the Information Society

Tech II: Info  Applications/Systems

Tech III: Designing/ Implementing/ Managing Info Systems

Society II: Info in the 21st Century


Capstone: Managing Info/Technology







Fundamentals of Info Tech: School Libraries

Info Sources/Services for Children/Young Adults


Intro to XML



Globalization/Diversity/ Information

Intellectual Freedom/ Social Responsibility in Canadian Libraries


Multimedia Texts for Young People



Human Factors in Info Systems


Economics of Information


British Columbia

Seminar: Management of Audio-visual Records

Current Issues/Trends in Library Services/Info Science: Topics in Special Librarianship

Current Issues/Trends in Library Services/Info Science: International Librarianship

Special Materials: Multimedia Info Resources: Motion Media

Services for At-Risk Youth

Topics in Computer-based Info Systems: Digital Image Collections



Record Keeping

Research Methods






Special Libraries/ Info Centers

Legal Info Sources

Bibliography of History


Cal.-Los Angeles

Metadata: General & Textual


Electronic Publishing

Digital Collections of Still/Moving Images

Cataloging Moving Images

Non-English Information Sources

Collection Development for Moving Images

Contemporary Issues in National Information Policy

Non-English Info Sources



Foundations of Digital Libraries


Info Resources Management

Records/Info Management

Photographic Collections

Knowledge Management





Automated Bibliographic Control

Libraries & Networking

International Librarianship

Selection/Utilization/ Production of Non-book Resources for Educators

Microcomputers in Libraries




Clark Atlanta



Advanced Topics in Library Automation




Seminar in Health Services

Seminar in Law Librarianship

Digital Image Storage/ Retrieval

Public Library History/Theory

Intro to Print Culture

Adaptive School

Seminar in Current Issues

Seminar in Youth Services




Human/Computer Interaction I & II

Analysis of Interactive Systems

Design of Interactive Systems

Abstract & Indexing

Survey of Health Care Informatics

Visual Info Retrieval

Topics in Info Systems

Topics in Info Science

Research Statistics I






Current Issues in Management

Preservation of Library/Archival Materials

Collection Development

Advanced Reference



Florida State


Technical Communication








Info Technology for Librarians

Evaluating Digital Info Resources






Freshman Discovery: Children/Literature/ Culture

Undergrad Minor Special Topics Cognitive Psych of Info Systems

Emerging Technologies

Music/Sound as Info

Principles of Info Organization

Design of Usable Interfaces

Business/Social Science/Internet

Web Based Training

Computing in the Humanities

Designing Universally Accessible WWW Resources

Graduate Current Topics:              Collection Development

Indexing/ Abstracting

Info Consulting

Learning Technologies

Medical Informatics/ Healthcare Infrastructure

Legal Issues in Library/ Info Science

Web Design/ Construction for Organizations


Intellectual Freedom/ Library Services for Youth

Information Service Marketing

Representing/ Organizing Info Resources

Competitive Intelligence

Agents/Multi-Agents for Dynamic/Info Systems

History/Concept of Bibliographic Records

Change Management

Document Processing







Implementation of Distributed Info Systems

Interfaces to Info Systems

Human Resource Management in Libraries/Info Centers








Computer –Mediated Discourse Analysis

Electronic Records Management

Workshops on: Collection Analysis for SLMS; Mobile Computing; Reference Services for YA; Storytelling; Web Graphics




History of Readers/ Reading

History of Books

Online Resources in Science and Technology






Implementation of Info Storage/Retrieval

Electronic Publishing




Information Literacy





Long Island




Technical Services

Quality Customer Service

Designs for Growing Libraries

Multicultural Traditional Literature

Selecting/Organizing/ Managing Electronic Resources

Great Libraries and Their Collections




Introduction to Information Technologies








Information Retrieval Systems

Managing Cultural Institutions

Digital Libraries: Technology/Policy

Health Information Reference Sources



Maryland (cont.)





Instructional Materials Development

Group Field Work: Business Information Consulting Services

Knowledge Management

Documentation/ Collection/Appraisal of Records

Advanced Electronic Records

Readings in Human-Computer Interaction

Consumer Health Info Sources/ Services

Info Retrieval/ Info Analysis on the Internet

Children’s Programming/ Services



Multimedia Systems

Web System Design/ Management


Multimedia Systems



Preserving Information

Microeconomics for Info Professionals

Info Technology/ Emerging Law/  Applied Policy

Computer-supported Cooperative Work

Info & Organization

Language/ Information

Doctoral Proseminar


Ideas/Expressions in the Info Age: Law

Women & Technology

Visual Persuasion

Development/Future of the Internet

Understanding the World’s Archives through Comparative Archivistics

Archives/ Documentation and the Institutions of Social Memory





Telecommunications via the Internet

Way Cool Tips/Tricks for the One-computer Classroom

Learning with Online Projects

Way Cool Fast/Free Internet Resources for Teachers

Way Cool Fast/Fun Web Site Creation

Using Technology to Enhance Learning







Research Seminar: Problem Solving

Mindtools or Computers as Thinking/ Learning Tools

Planning/Evaluation of Info Services

Educational Technology Portfolio Development

Complexities of the Information Society

Interface Design II

Designing Constructivist Learning Environments

Planning User Services on the Library’s Web Site

Building an Information Resource for the Library’s Web Site

Providing Instruction on the Library’s Web Site

“Ask-A-Librarian” Services

Tips for Web-based User Services

A Closer Look: Evaluating

Intro to Shadow NetWorkSpace

Technology Coordination

Advanced Web Development

Literacy and Technology

Seminar in Digital Libraries



NC Chapel Hill

Information Tools


Digital Libraries: Principles/Applications

Seminar in Human Computer Interaction

Knowledge-based Systems

Intro to Digital Libraries

Info Entrepreneurship

E-Business for Info Professionals

Complex Objects in Digital Libraries

Evidence Based Medicine

Cultural Heritage Info

Ontologies in Info Science

Library Info Systems

Info Policy



NC Greensboro



Theoretical Foundation of Info Literacy

Archival Resources

Web Authoring for Teachers

Award-Winning Materials for Children/ Youth

Electronic Journals



Directed Project





Info Architecture


Database Design/ Apps.


Art Info Management

Digitizing Research Collections

Library Instruction





Planning Tomorrow’s Library

Librarian as Teacher



Puerto Rico

Entire New Curriculum

Dropped All Previous






Records Management

Digital Libraries

Planning/Delivering YA Services in the Public Library


Geographic Info Science: Issues/Apps.

Adult Reader Advisory Services in the Public Library

Cataloging/ Classification of Internal Resources


Rhode Island

Digital Resources for Children/Teens

Database Management for Info Systems

Community Relations for Librarians

Information Ethics

Information Policy


St. Johns



Metadata for Info Professionals

E-Services in Libraries


San Jose



Emerging Technologies

Information Brokering Business

The Global Internet



Intro to Info Design

Intro to Info Architecture




South Carolina

Digital Libraries

Practicum in Organizing/Managing Electronic Info

Music Library & Information Services

Technologies for Info Specialists


Group Dynamics in

Info Organizations


South  Florida


Info Services in Business/Law



Library Services for Distance Learning

Visualization of Knowledge

Consumer Health Info

Library Services for Genealogists

Teaching Info Literacy Skills


Southern Connecticut

User-centered Database Design/Development

Computer-mediated Communication/Info Services

Preservation of Digitized Media

Cataloging/ Development of a Digital Union Catalog for Ancient Chinese Books

Integrating the Oral Tradition into the Elem. Curriculum

Integrating the Oral Tradition into the Middle/High School Curriculum




Southern Mississippi

Systems Analysis for Librarians


Organization of Materials: Indexing the Web



Knowledge Organizational Structures

Advanced Library Management

Office System Design/ Management

Summer Institute Courses


Texas Women’s

Consumer Health Info

Health Reference Resources/Services

Medical Specialties/ Specialized Info Resources






Problems in Classification




History of Recorded Information

Principles of Info Services

Advanced Info Services

Classification Theory

Info Policy:          Global/Domestic

Programming for Info Systems

Marketing/Planning for Libraries

Strategic Planning/ Management of Info Technology

Staffing Info/ Info Technology Positions

Library Technology Systems

Internet Technologies/ Applications

History of the Book

Users & Libraries

Intro to Info Science

Aspects of Publishing

Service for Special Groups

Literature Searching

The Info Industry

Knowledge Applications Lab Seminar

Key Issues in Info Management

Digital Libraries: A Socio-technical Perspective

Value Creation with Info Science: Developing Info Products and Services

History of Recorded Info

Web Database Apps.

Intro to Info Literacy

Research in Info Needs and Seeking Behavior


Wayne State



3 One Hour Courses:

Customer Service

Performance Appraisal

Productive Management


Western Ontario

Major Research Proposal

Book Trade


Knowledge Management

Health Informatics

Issues in Distance Learning for Academic and Public Libraries


Interaction Design/  Info Visualization



Special Collections: Data Librarianship


Geographic Info Sources


Info Architecture

Info Policy

Concepts in Telecommunication & Networking

Intro to Database Design/Management



Ethics and the Information Society

Using Archives: The Value of Primary Sources in the Info Age

Archival Outreach: Programs/Services

Arrangement/ Description in Archives


Technology Training & E-Learning

PC Technology Support & Maintenance

Library Resources/ Services for Distance Education




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