Table II-2-a-2
Notes on Courses or Sections of Courses with the Number of Students Enrolled Above 50
Fall 1998

Albany Two undergraduate courses have large enrollment: Introduction to Information Science = 85; Internet and Information Access = 203.
Arizona Both courses are being offered virtually.
California Los Angeles LIS 200 and LIS 201 are core courses, required of all students and typically taken during the first quarter of enrollment. LIS 200 has a plenary lecture and four breakout discussion sections. LIS 201 is taught in two sections.
Clarion The course with over 50 enrolled is LS432, Colloquium. This is a credit guest speaker series in which all full-time undergraduate and graduate students must enroll.
Florida State Courses with over 50 enrollment include undergraduate offerings and web-based offerings of required M.S. courses.
Illinois The course with over 50 is a large lecture offering of a required course.
Indiana Lecture section of L401, SLIS prerequisite course; this section divided into labs of 20 or fewer each.
Michigan These are required foundation courses.
North Texas There are three courses with an enrollment of over 50. These are taught at several off-campus sites via TV-delivery concurrently and are considered one class.
Rutgers The two classes listed as over 50 are the introductory class 610:501 and the Colloquium Series 610:502. Both are designed to be offered in a large lecture setting.
South Carolina One contract course for SCDOE = 160. One required course televised in WV and SC = 189. One required course televised in SC = 99.
Syracuse Courses with over 50 are all undergraduate classes with teaching assistants.
Tennessee Both of the classes with 50 or more are courses offered via distance education this semester.
Texas Classes with over 50: LIS 386 -- Introduction to Library & Information Studies = 62; two sections of undergraduate service courses: LIS 322T Children’s Literature = 286; LIS 322T Children’s Literature = 304.
Wisconsin – Madison Foundation courses are open to all incoming master's students as well as undergraduates with Junior or Senior standing. 450 is also a class that is open to University special students.

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