Table III-39
Special Course Changes Made Within the Past Academic Year

School Courses Dropped Courses Added Experimental Courses
Albany   Internet Practicum

User Education: Theory and

Internet Access Issues for

Basic and Intermediate Web
Page Design

Internet Search Engines

Arizona Bibliography Ethics for Information

Government Information

Information Seeking Behavior

Verifiable Information
Buffalo     Networking Technologies
Clarion Information Storage and

The Library and Society

Introduction to the Information
Dalhousie   Electronic Text Design

Managing Information

Dominican   Knowledge Management

Library User Instruction


Advanced Archival

Internet Resources

Digital Image Storage

Drexel Information Resources and

Quantitative Methods

Information Management

Information Resources and
Services I & II

Action Research and Statistics

Professional and Social
Aspects of Information

Artificial Intelligence

Developing Multimedia

The Internet

Introduction to C++

Competitive Intelligence

Understanding Multimedia

Emporia Video Production Moving Image Production for
Digital Technology
Management and Fiction

Web Resource

Beginning Internet

Learning Organizations

Issues in Electronic
Information Retrieval


Stories, Archetypes, Creative


Florida State   Instructional Role of the
Information Specialist

Information Systems

Design and Production of
Network Multimedia

Web Development and

Indiana     Library Preservation
Iowa   Telecommunications

Global Information Systems

Health Informatics I & II

Marketing of Libraries &
Information Centers

Web Search Engines

Programming for Youth

Budget & Finance Issues

Kent State     Electronic Publishing

Services to People with

Kentucky   Internet Technologies Managing Corporate
Information Systems

Computer Systems

Advanced Online Systems

Long Island Audiovisual Media Qualitative Research  
Louisiana State Analysis of Information

Information Resources for
Special Subjects

Special middleics in Library and
Information Science

Automation of Bibliographic
Control Systems

Microcomputer Systems for
Information Management

Information Needs Analysis

Bibliographic Organization &
Resource Development

Evaluation of Information

Networks for Information

Maryland Introduction to Information
Storage and Retrieval

Foundations of Information

Science Communication and
the Organization of Science

Archival Principles, Practices
and Programs
Children’s Programming and
Services Information Retrieval and
Information Analysis on
the Internet

Information Retrieval Systems

Instructional Materials

Management of Electronic

Managing Cultural Institutions

Visual and Sound Materials

Building the Human/Computer

McGill Materials and Services for

Materials and Services for
Young Adults

Conservation and Preservation

AI In Information Processing

History of Libraries  
Missouri Value Added Information

Information Resources and

NC Chapel Hill     Cultural Studies of

Value of Information

Library Sciences to Special

Multimedia Applications for
the Internet

Library Automation

Information Security

Financial Management for
Libraries and Information

User Education

NC Greensboro   The Electronic Community Archival and Historical
Materials and Preservation

Networking Administration in
the School Setting

Intellectual Freedom Seminar

Library Services for Adults

Reference Interview

Bibliographic Instruction

Advanced Internet Topics

Teachers and Technology

North Texas   Internet Applications

Services and Management for
Information Professionals

Horizon Technologies for
Libraries and Information

Telecommunications for
Information Professionals

Oklahoma Management of Automated

Information Systems and

Information Systems and Networks for Libraries, Archives, and Museums Design and Implementation of Networked Information Services Native American Information Resources
Pittsburgh Professional Experience Managing Change in the Information Environment Digital Libraries
Pratt   Organization of Special Collections Internet Resources for the Information Profession Interpersonal Communication for the Information Professional Modern Book Publishing International and Comparative Librarianship CD-ROM Production Electronic Publishing
Queens   The Design and Evaluation of Visual Information The Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Visual Displays of Information Records Management Archives and Manuscripts Planning and Evaluation of Library Services Mythology and Folklore for Children and Adolescents Art Librarianship
Rhode Island     Internet for Librarians
Rutgers   The Art of the Picture Book Visualization of Information Structures  
Simmons   Digital Libraries  
South Carolina     Intro. to Information Technology for Journalism Internet Content Materials for Disabled Children Taming the Information Technology Jungle
South Florida   Microcomputer Applications in Library and Information Centers Organization of Knowledge Business Reference Sources Library Services to Special Populations
Southern Connecticut   Digital Libraries Information Seeking Behavior Library Space Planning Workshop Readers Advisory Workshop
Tennessee Creation and Distribution of Information And Knowledge Sources    
Texas Women’s     Information Needs Analysis Organization of Information
Washington     Management Skills for Information And Library Professionals Network System Administration Web Server Administration Reading Guidance and Book Discussion Information Retrieval Systems Current Issues in Information Democracy
Wayne State     Issues in Librarianship Entrepreneurial Librarianship
Wisconsin-Madison   Internet Resource Discovery Metadata in a Multilingual Environment Library Services to Nontraditional Populations Electronic Archiving  
Wisconsin-Milwaukee     Metadata

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