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ASIST Doctoral Seminar
on Research and Career Development

November 10, 2015, Sterling 4, Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch


Barbara Wildemuth, School of Information and LIbrary Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and

Howard Rosenbaum, School of Informatics and Computing,Indiana University Bloomington


The purpose of this seminar is to provide a forum in which doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates can discuss their research and career plans with more senior scholars. During the seminar, the junior scholars will become acquainted with more senior scholars working in related areas and will have the opportunity to interact with their peers.


The following junior researchers have been invited to participate:

The following senior researchers, in addition to the organizers, will be working with them:


3:30 Introductions

Individual discussions between junior and senior scholars

  • Chris Cunningham, Lisa Given
  • Peter Hook, Michael Twidale
  • Grace YoungJoo Jeon, Pnina Fichman
  • HyunSeung Koh, Barbara Wildemuth
  • MInSook Park, Cathy Blake
  • Matthew Willis, Howard Rosenbaum
  • Adam Worrall, Ken Fleischmann
4:45 Group discussion of research and career development issues
5:30 Wrap-up and evaluation

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