INLS 582_001, Systems Analysis

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Individual Team Projects Submission Instructions

Individual Assignments
Problem Definition Assigned Tuesday, 9/7/10, due Tuesday, 9/21/10. 10% of final grade.
Work models. Assigned Tuesday, 10/5/10, due Thursday, 10/14/10. 20% of final grade.
Entity-relation model. Assigned Tuesday, 11/2/10, due Thursday, 11/11/10. 10% of final grade.
Lead a Case Study Discussion Group Questions and discussion points are due 2 days before the scheduled discussion. This assignment contributes to your class participation grade.

Team Projects
Submit project preferences, Wednesday, 9/22/10, 12:00 noon
Team formation, Thursday, 9/23/10.
Information gathering plan, assign Thursday, 9/23/10, due Thursday, 10/7/10. 10% of final grade.
Draft integrated work models (ungraded) and progress report,  due Thursday, 10/28/10.
presentations, Tuesday, 11/2/10.
Draft content models (ungraded) and progress report,  due Tuesday, 11/18/10.
Presentation to class ,  Tuesday, 11/30/10, Thursday 12/2/10, or Tuesday 12/7/10. 10% of final grade.
Final specifications, due Tuesday, 12/14/10, 12:00 noon. 25% of final grade.
Team evaluations, due Tuesday, 12/14/10, 12:00 noon.

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