Table 1. Selected Electronic Journals Providing Generic Access

Numerische Mathematik Electronic Edition

Sponsor: Journal of the same name
Topics: Mathematics
Format: TeX and LaTeX
Features: every electronic issue some 2 weeks before the printed issue.

Electronic Publication

Sponsor: MIT
Topics: Theoretical computer science
Format: LaTeX or PostScript
Features: Subscribers receive a notice each time an article is published;
available for FTP


Sponsor: University of Albany
Topics: Theory and practice surrounding electronic "text" and also social
psychological, literary, economic and pedagogical implications of
computer-mediated networks.
Format: Plain ASCII
Features: Listserved
Access: EJOURNAL@ALBANY.bitnet.

Asia-Pacific Journal (APEX-J)

Sponsor: University of Hawaii
Topics: Education in multicultural, international campuses
Format: Plain ASCII
Features: quarterly

Digest of Physics News Items

Sponsor: American Institute of Physics, by Phillip F. Schewe
Topics: physics
Format: Plain ASCII
Features: Posted in the Internet newsgroup sci.research and back issues
can be downloaded by FTP from NIC.HEP.NET.
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