Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Project Overview
1.1 The Sites
1.2 Investigation Goals
1.3 Overview of Study Activities

2.1 Overview of Methodology
2.2 Specific Activities
2.2.1 Expert Critiques
2.2.2 Interviews
2.2.3 Focus Groups
2.2.4 Content Analysis of Email Further Analysis of Email
2.2.5 Usability Tests
2.2.6 Transaction Log Analyses Logs and BLS Summary Reports Sequential Log Analysis
2.3 Summary and Recommendations

Table 2.1.1:Summary of Data Collection Activities
Table Group Participant Summary
Table Summary Information
Table Coding Scheme
Table Scheme for Data/What Email Questions
Table Test Summary
Table BLS Coding Scheme.

 3. The FEDSTATS Website: Findings, Analysis, and Recommendations
3.1 Data Collection Activities
3.2 Findings
3.2.1 FEDSTATS Taskforce Interviews
3.2.2 Online Questionnaire to Agency Staff
3.2.3 Focus Groups
3.2.4 Usability Tests Usability questionnaire Scenario Worksheets Post-search Debriefing
3.2.5 Online Comments to FEDSTATS
3.3 Key Findings of the Data Collection Activities
3.4 Analysis and Discussion
3.4.1 Users
3.4.2 Tasks
3.4.3 User Strategies
3.4.4 Other Important Findings
3.5 Recommendations

Table 3.1.1:Data Collection Summary and Site Changes
Table of Usability Questionnaire

4. BLS/CPS Websites
4.1 Interviews.
4.2 Email Content Analyses
4.3 Transaction Log Analyses
4.3.1 BLS Transaction Log Summaries
4.3.2 Sequential Log Analyses
4.4 Summary of BLS/CPS Investigations

Table 4.1.1 User Types Mentioned by BLS/Census Staff
Table 4.1.2 User Tasks and Support Categories
Table 4.2.1 Email Coding Summary, November 1996
Table 4.2.2 Email Coding Summary, March 1997
Table 4.2.3 Email Coding March 1997 - Data/What messages Amount
Table 4.2.4 Email Coding March 1997 - Data/What messages - Location
Table 4.2.5 Email Coding March 1997 - Data/What messages - Time
Table BLS Online Service Activities In Dec. 1996 and March 1997
Table BLS Home Page Activity for Dec. 1996 and March 1997
Table BLS Pages with More than 1000 Requests
Table High-volume Cgi-bin Requests for Dec. 1996 and March 1997
Table BLS Session Activity for October 1996
Table Frequency Tables for All Codes over Six Domains
Table Starting Points for Paths Leading to CPI news release page

5. A User Perspective
5.1 A Theoretical View of Information Seeking Behavior
5.2 User Types
5.3 User Tasks
5.3.1 Analysis Strategy
5.3.2 A Generalized User Task Taxonomy
5.4 User Strategies
5.5 System Design Recommendations
5.6 Users, Systems, and Their Interactions
5.7 Recommendations and Future Research

Table A Taxonomy of User Tasks/Questions
Table 5.5.1 General Design Recommendations
Figure 5.1 User- System Interaction

6.Organizational Perspective
6.1 Website Development and Management
6.2 Agencies

7.Conclusions and Recommendations
7.1 Summarization of Findings
7.1.1 User Types
7.1.2 Tasks
7.1.3 Strategies
7.1.4 Design Implications
7.1.5 The Organizational Perspective
7.2 Methodological Implications
7.3 Theoretical Implications
7.4 Dissemination of Study Results
7.5 Project Recommendations