Some publications on Indexing, Classification, Knowledge Organization, and Browsing by Robert M. Losee
(you might also want to see related publications on Retrieval)

Those interested in FRBR might want to take a look at this pre-FRBR work: "The Object-Oriented Paradigm for Library Systems Development," Information Technology & Libraries: Journal of the Library and Information Technology Association of ALA 9 (1) 1990, 74-79.

The past and future: I have developed theory and methods for arranging documents in retrieval systems or libraries (digital or physical), columns of tables, or any list of items, based on the Gray code being applied to ordering items in a list. Weighting features based upon information theoretic or economic considerations can improve item ordering and thus performance. Relevance feedback also may be used to improve organization of information (and thus improve browsing). I'd like to expand the analysis and application of this approach to other sets of documents in retrieval systems, the web, and digital libraries, as well as lists of items (e.g. columns in tables).

Master's students who have completed a semester or two of graduate level work and have taken the related introductory courses in this area might want to consider taking an independent readings course if they believe that this area represents their career focus.

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