Robert M. Losee,
The Development and Migration of Concepts from Donor to Borrower Disciplines: Sublanguage Term Use in Hard & Soft Sciences
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, River Forest, Illinois, Learned Information, June 1995, 265--274.

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Academic disciplines, often divided into hard and soft sciences (social sciences), may be understood as ``donor disciplines" if they produce more concepts and terminology than they borrow from other disciplines, or ``borrower disciplines" if they import more than they originate. Terms used to describe these concepts can be used to distinguish between hard and soft, donor and borrower, as well as individual discipline-specific sublanguages. Using term frequencies, the birth, growth, death, and migration of concepts and their associated terms are examined. The diffusion of innovation can be modeled mathematically. The migration of terms and concepts such as chaos and nonlinear from mathematics to economics, education, and psychology is studied. A case study examines the change in popularity of terminology by studying the transition in the psychological literature from the use of MBD to the use of ADD and then ADHD.

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