CHIPL Package

A programming language that supports the study of information through information system modeling, including example programs simulating the production of information (more programs will be added). Based on material discussed in Information From Processes, Springer, 2012.

CHIPL manual here


For Windows or Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, all Intel-based)

Download CHIPL Version 0.75 March 24 2013
Download CHIPL Version 0.74 February 25 2013
Download CHIPL Version 0.73 August 18 2012
Download CHIPL Version 0.72a July 17 2012
Download CHIPL Version 0.72 June 14 2012
Download CHIPL Version 0.71 May. 20 2012
Feedback appreciated!

Download CHIPL to an empty directory or folder on a windows or linux system. Antivirus programs may not like the ".exe" file that it doesn't know about on windows systems, so you might consider turning off the antivirus program when uncompressing the zip file and executing it OR you might compile the c++ source code (included) yourself.

Please send suggestions to my last name at Thanks! Robert M. Losee

If you have any interesting or educational CHIPL programs you would be willing to have included in future releases, please submit them with your name and identifying information in the program, with the understanding that I might or might not place them in future releases.