CHIPL2 Package

A programming language and set of routines that supports the study of information through information system modeling, including example programs simulating the production of information (more programs will be added). CHIPL2 executes on individual computers and web interfaces. It can be used as an ``information calculator." Functions included address self-information, entropy, joint entropy, mutual information, conditional entropy or equivocation, and information distance and similarity. Hierarchies of processes are provided. Higher level functions are provided that address topics such as Small World modeling, automatic indexing (text mining) and database applications, as well as text of Federalist papers for those in digital humanities interested in authorship identification. Several example applications are used to both show how these applications might look but to also provide applications that work in the domains indicated by the application title. The manual provides examples. Based on material discussed in Information From Processes, Springer, 2012.

CHIPL manual here

Actively being revised and expanded Summer 2016


For Windows, Macs, Linux, or execution on the Internet

Download CHIPL2 Version 1.40 May 12 2016
Download CHIPL2 Version 1.20 October 4 2015
Download CHIPL2 Version 1.02 February 17 2015
Download CHIPL2 Version 1.01 January 20 2015
Download CHIPL2 Version 1.00 January 12 2015

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Download CHIPL to an empty directory or folder on a windows, mac, or linux system. Unzip the file; some browsers will offer to "open" the zip file so you can extract the files in the browser or associated software. Next, copy the zip file or extracted files into the system that will be executing CHIPL (the details of this are discussed in the manual.) Execution on the Internet requires that an account be established on and the files in the zip file be uploaded into your SageMath account. Establishing and using a Cloud.SageMath account (based at U. of Washington) is easy and will get you up and running quickly (but you need to look at the CHIPL2 manual.)

Please send suggestions to my last name at Thanks! Robert M. Losee

If you have any interesting or educational CHIPL programs you would be willing to have included in future releases, please submit them with your name and identifying information in the program, with the understanding that I might or might not place them in future releases.