Robert M. Losee,
The Relative Shelf Location of Circulated Books: A Study of Classification, Users, and Browsing
Library Resources and Technical Services, 37 (2), pp. 197-210, 1993.


Patrons often browse through books organized by a library classification system, looking for books to use and possibly circulate. This research examines the clustering of similar books provided by a classification system and the ways in which the books that patrons circulate are clustered. Measures of classification system performance are suggested and used to evaluate two test collections. Regression formulas are derived describing the relationships among the number of areas in which books were found (the number of stops a patron makes when browsing), the distances across a cluster, and the average number of books a patron circulates. Patrons were found usually to make more stops than there were books found at their average stop. Consequences for full-text document systems and online catalogs are suggested. One can similarly browse through tables of data.

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