School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-3360 U.S.A.
Email: losee at unc dot edu
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My primary intellectual interests are in Information Science (the study of information and associated principles) and Library Science (the study of libraries and associated principles). Here are my key interests and scientific questions. I love conducting research in the theories and related practices associated with the retrieval, organization, and measurement of information. In many areas, my interests overlap with Computer Science and Philosophy, and I read moderately in those academic areas. My view of the Science of Information is described in the last chapter of my latest book (published in Springer's Computer Science series), Information From Processes: About the Nature of Information Creation, Use, and Representation. Courses that might be of interest to those with a focus on information are here. I respect any research methodology that usually leads to improved performance.



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Here are some US News rankings for ALA accredited LIS masters programs and specialities. For those interested in managing information systems, here are some other US news rankings. For those interested primarily in computers, consider this ranking.

My Erdos number is 4.

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