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[A meeting of the Library Association at the first library building. From left, they are Mrs. Mary E. Akins, Catherine McMinn (child), Mrs. Ida Wheeler, Mrs. Levi Packard, Sr. (standing), Mrs. Mabel L. Saunders (who donated the building), Mrs. Julia Davidson, and Mrs. Fanny M. Grant.]
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The Pinebluff Library is a free, public library open to anyone living in Moore, Richmond, Montgomery, Hoke, or Anson Counties. The oldest library in Moore County, it was established in 1908 and incorporated in December of the same year. From 1908 until 1952, the Pinebluff Library Association managed and operated the library. Until 1952, the library was supported by donations and dues paid by Association members.

In 1952, the voters of Pinebluff petitioned the town commissioners to call for a special election to support the Pinebluff Library. The election was held and a majority voted in favor of establishing, maintaining and supporting a free public library in the Town of Pinebluff. The Board of Directors of the Pinebluff Library Association entered into an agreement with the Town of Pinebluff to manage the day-to-day operation of the library and to expend special tax levy funds to support this operation. As a result of the 1952 bond election, the Town Hall, a former two-room schoolhouse built in 1901, was expanded and the library was able to move into the expanded area. Although the library burned in 1970, it was rebuilt with almost identical décor and was refurbished by donations from individuals and neighboring libraries.

In 1986, the Pinebluff Library joined the Moore County and Sandhill Regional Library System. Since that date, the Pinebluff Library has been managed by the Moore County Library with financial support from the Town of Pinebluff and the Pinebluff Library Association.

[305 East Baltimore Avenue, Pinebluff, NC]In 1994, the Town of Pinebluff built a new Town Hall and turned over the old Town Hall building to the library. The Pinebluff Library Association raised funds through dues, donations, raffles, and yard and bake sales to permit repair and refurbishment of the building, to build additional bookshelves and an expanded reading area, and to purchase additional juvenile literature and reference material. Donations of funds, materials and labor from local individuals and merchants, support from local Boy Scouts and the North Carolina Department of Corrections, and selective acquisition of surplus state and federal furniture helped to complete the more than doubling of the size of the library. Today, the Pinebluff Library Association continues to support the library by funding the installation of computer terminals for access to the countywide library catalog. Patron and town donations of equipment and expertise have additionally permitted the library to install computer learning programs for children and to go online and offer Internet access to patrons. Additional memberships in the Pinebluff Library Association are always welcome and may be obtained by contacting either the Pinebluff Library manager or any member of the Pinebluff Library Association board.

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