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Concentration in Archives and Records Management (ARM)

Since 2008, the Concentration in Archives and Record Management (ARM) at SILS has steered students toward a body of courses designed to best provide them with the knowledge and skills required to work in archives, special collections, historical societies, records management units within organizations, and various other curatorial environments. The principles and practices of ARM are based on provenance, collection-level arrangement, and attention to context, all of which are becoming increasingly relevant with the massive explosion of information across all sectors of society.

Please see the advising grids for MSLS students and MSIS students pursuing ARM on the SILS Website for more information, or contact professors Helen Tibbo or Cal Lee.

SILS archives courses
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Cooperative archival program with NCSU

Today's marketplace demands that archivists, manuscript curators, and records managers have both historical knowledge and advanced information management skills. Neither a master's degree in history nor one in information and library science is ideal, by itself, to prepare the new archival workforce to appraise, arrange and describe historical records, create and maintain websites, and properly preserve electronic documents.

To meet the needs of the archival profession, the School of Information and Library Science, in conjunction with the Department of Public History of the North Carolina State University (NCSU), offers a cooperative archival program. Students who enroll in this program can earn either an M.S.L.S. or M.S.I.S. degree and an M.A. in public history in 69 credit hours. If taken individually, these degrees would require eighty-four credit hours.

Students must be admitted to both universities independently and comply with all requirements of each program. Selected elective courses can be shared across both degrees with advisor approval. Although students do not have to matriculate in both degree programs during the same semester, they must maintain concurrent registration at some time during their course work. Students must abide by all inter-institutional registration policies as well.

Students may apply only three credits toward their SILS degree when they take the following pairings of SILS and NCSU public history courses due to content overlap:

INLS 753 - Preservation of Library and Archive Materials
HI 688 - Conservation of Archival and Library Materials

INLS 795 - Supervised Field Experience
HI 691 - Practicum in Public History

It is unusual for any SILS student to apply more than three hours of field experience/practicum toward the SILS degree.

For more information concerning the NCSU public history program, contact:

Graduate Administrator
Department of History
Box 8108
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8108
(919) 515-2483
Fax: (919) 515-3886

Dr. Helen Tibbo [(919) 962-8366] may also be consulted for information about this cooperative program.

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