1. Teachers are not limited to the normal three books on a subject. They may borrow more to supplement the classroom collection to teach a special unit. The only limitation here is how much these materials may be in demand and number of students in the class. For example, we would limit the number of science project books checked out during "science fair season."

2. The library staff will reserve and set aside materials for special projects when notified. In past years we have set aside materials for ecology, North Carolina, and history projects.

3. The library maintains a selection of reading lists filed according to school and teacher. If we know in advance that a book is going to be required reading in a class, we will make every effort to acquire at least one copy of the book for our collection. We will also shorten the loan period to seven days to ensure that more students have the opportunity to read it.

4. The library can request films and videos from the state library film service. This requires a three week booking notice and postage to and from Raleigh. The public library also has a limited number of films and videos for which public performance rights have been purchased.


1. Avoid mass assignments where all your students need the same books at the same time. We know this is not always possible, but if you notify us in advance, we could reserve these materials and shorten the loan period as needed.

2. Send the library a copy of your required reading list.

3. Accept photocopies of articles and pictures rather than requiring an original.

4. Call and ask if you are not sure that the library will have the resources your students will need to complete an assignment. We will help and accommodate you in any way we can.

5. If you have a question or problem that cannot be answered in your media center, contact us or ask your media coordinator.



Dear Teacher:

____________________came to the __________________ library today. We regret that we are unable to fill the request for __________________________________________________ because:

____ All circulating materials on this subject are checked out.

____ The materials that you assigned are reference only and must be used in the library.

____ This is a small library with limited resources. The student has been referred to the Headquarters Library or another library in the area.

____ Clarification of the assignment is needed.

____ Other______________________________________________________________________


We will be happy to help in the future if you give use advance notice of assignments. Please call us or use the attached form.

Library Staff Member____________________________________________




Assignment Alert lets your public library know when you and your students will need materials for research assignments and large class assignments. Should you need more copies of Assignment Alert or have any questions, please call your local library.


School Phone Number:_______________________________ Today's Date_______________

Teacher's Name:_________________________________ Home Phone Number___________

Grade Level:_______________________Subject:____________________________________

TYPES OF MATERIAL NEEDED (please circle all which apply)

Books Reference Material Audio Visual Magazines Pamphlets

Are there any required materials?_______________________________________________

May we suggest alternative titles to your students? Yes No

Are there any restrictions on the types of materials used? (example - no encyclopedias)




Starting date of assignment:______________Date Due:___________ Size of Class_____

Could you suggest one or two titles that would best fulfill this assignment?


At least one week's notice is appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation.