Mil. Charles M. Hoover moved to Thomasville in 1897. He was appointed postmaster July 15, 1897, and retrained in office until July 19, 1913. It was a fourth class office when he was appointed and at the end of his term it was a second class office. During his stay in office he made one of the best we have ever had. The office was burned once and robbed once during this tine. He is very capable and efficient, and is a Republican in politics.

He was elected mayor on the first Monday in May 1913 and was sworn in on the 21st of July, after postmastership ended, and his successor appointed. During his term as Mayor, the commissioners under his leadership, have made quite a number of improvements in the city and at the same time have been compelled to undergo an economical administration. His administration has been a successful one and he has at all times held the interest of the city at heart. He has been especially instrumental in endeavoring to put down crime in the city and has always co-operated with the municipal court in their efforts.