Display Case Contract

Date of Contract______________________


NAME: _____________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________


GROUP REPRESENTED:_____________________________________

EXHIBIT: _____________________________________________

DATE AND TIME FOR SET-UP: _____________________________________

DATE AND TIME FOR REMOVAL: __________________________________


  1. Exhibits pertaining to library programs have first priority.
  2. Exhibits should be non-profit, in the public interest, and/or relating to library materials.
  3. Exhibitors may not charge fees for viewing exhibits.
  4. Exhibitors will be responsible for damage which is caused by the exhibit to the building and/or its equipment.
  5. All exhibits will be secured in a locked display case when possible. Library staff will take reasonable care of exhibits but cannot be responsible for loss or damage of items. Exhibitors will be responsible for loss of items on display in case of fire, theft, or for damage of any kind while the exhibits are in the library.
  6. Exhibits should not be left longer than one month except by agreement with the library. Exhibits should be dismantled and picked up on the date agreed upon.
  7. Exhibitor is responsible for setting up and taking down display.
  8. Expensive or irreplaceable items are not eligible for exhibit.
  9. Staff is responsible for moving glass shelving.

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