Davidson County Public Library System

Lexington Library 1929 BookmobileLinwood School Bookmobile Stop 1931Negro Station 1936

In 1929, the Davidson County Public Library which consisted of the Lexington and Thomasville libraries began serving the rest of the county from a "Book Truck." From 1929 until 2003 all sections of Davidson County have been served by a bookmobile.

Midway 1936Arcadia 1936Wallburg 1936Welcome High School Bookmobile 1936
In the North
Denton Bookmobile Stop 1936 Gravel HillSilver Valley SchoolTaylor's GroveJackson Hill 1936High Rock 1936
In the South
Thomasville Library April 1936Mills Home 1936 Hasty 1936Hasty 1936
In the East
Mrs. ThompsonTyro 1936Tyro School Bookmobile 1936Reeds Bookmobile 1936
In the West
Bookmobile June 2 1941 1st day insert with Margaret Hooper, Louise Justice, and Ward Everhart (bookmobile driver)
Over the years, the Bookmobile has changed as seen here with the June 1941 photo of the "New Bookmobile."
In the 1950s.
Again in the 1960s.
In the 1970s
In the 1980s.
In the 1990s.
Davidson County's Bookmobile continues to roll into the 21st century.

Davidson County Public Library System Timelines--North Carolina's Oldest County Public Library

Oct. 23, 1928**Lexington **
Oct. 25, 1928**Thomasville**
Winter 1929**Bookmobile on the road**
1955**North Davidson **
January 2000**West Davidson**