Education for Digital Stewardship:
Librarians, Archivists or Curators?

Workshop at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
June 16-20, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA USA

The large-scale digital repositories that are emerging today and expected to increase exponentially during this century will require information managers with the skills to acquire, manage, organize, preserve, and provide access to massive amounts of data for use and re-use by a variety of interdisciplinary and heterogeneous communities over time. Where will these managers come from? What skills will they need? Are there core competencies that span libraries, archives, museums, and other large-scale repositories? How can employers identify a well-prepared workforce for the 21st century repository?

This workshop, organized by the US Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the School of Information and Library Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will address these questions through presentations and discussion among educators and other interested participants. International perspectives are invited.

IMLS has invested more than $100 million since 2003 in the education of librarians, archivists and data curators through both formal and continuing education programs. This timely funding has enabled graduate schools of library and information science to reshape their curricula to address the emerging need for digital data managers. Are we prepared to meet the challenge?

Workshop Agenda
8:30 Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop
Ron Larson, Joyce Ray, Helen Tibbo
Presentations from Digital Library and Data Curation Education Projects
8:50 Functions over the Digital Lifecycle: The Foundation of the UNC-Chapel Hill Digital Curation Curriculum
Helen Tibbo
9:10 Developing an Effective Data Curation Education Program
Linda Smith
9:30 Preliminary Results from Field Testing of DL Curriculum Modules
Barbara M. Wildemuth, Jeffrey Pomerantz, Sanghee Oh, Seungwon Yang, and Edward A. Fox
9:50 Online Information Management and Curation: Pedagogical Challenges
Bruce Fulton
10:20 Break
10:40 Drawing from Multiple Communities of Practice: Educating for Digital Preservation at the University of Texas
Patricia Galloway
11:00 Open Source Repositories as Laboratories for Training Librarians
Javed Mostafa
11:20 On Learning to Educate our Future Digital Librarians
Padmini Srinivasan
11:40 Internships in Digital Preservation Education Programs
Elizabeth Yakel
12:00 A Year on the LAM
Brian Cantwell Smith
12:20 Lunch with discussion regarding programs
Panels to Discuss Issues, Open Questions, and Challenges
1:00 Are there fundamental elements of data curation curriculums, if so what are they?
1:30 What are the competencies data curation students should acquire? What are the competencies faculty must have to teach successfully in this domain?
2:00 Is there a role for LIS programs to teach the fundamentals of data curation or must this be done in the disciplines?
2:30 Do we now have curated digital libraries? Is a framework of data curation a useful model for managing a digital library?
3:00 What is missing from our current programs? Gap analysis. Next steps and a way forward.
3:45 Adjourn

Joyce Ray
Associate Deputy Director
Institute of Museum and Library Services

Helen Tibbo
Professor of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

JCDL 2008

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