Health Informatics Programs in the United States

Date Compiled: June 2009




Degree Requirements

Sampling of Research Interests

University of Alabama at Birmingham

MS in Health Informatics

School of Health Related Professions

40 credit hours of courses + 6 hours of Internship + 8 credit research project

N/A - non-research program

Arizona State University

MS and PhD in Biomedical Informatics

Department of Biomedical Informatics, School of Engineering

MS: 30 credits including thesis , PhD: 39-45 credits required courses and 39-45 credits of elective courses

Health Information Technology Assessment for Clinical Outcomes, Distributed Cognition and Scientific Collaboration in Medicine and Health, 

University of California - Davis

MS in Health Informatics

School of Medicine

43 credit hours: 31 required coursework, 3 elective, 9 research, research project and thesis

information not readily available

Nova Southeastern University

Certificate in Public Health Informatics

College of Osteopathic Medicine with School of Computer and Information Sciences

Requirements include M.P.H. core courses, a public health informatics practicum, and six public health informatics-focused electives.


Emory University

MSPH in Public Health Informatics

Rollins School of Public Health

48 credit hours, cumulative GPA of at least B-, MSPH thesis, at least 200 hors practicum experience

information not readily available

Medical College of Georgia

BS or Post-bacc Certificate in Health Information Administration, iMPH

Department of Health Informatics (School of Allied Health Sciences)

BS: 69 credit hours, including practicum; Certificate: 26-27 credit hours, including practicum; iMPH: 48 credits

N/A - non-research program

University of Illinois at Chicago

MS, Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Masters Certificates in Health Informatics

College of Applied Health Sciences

MSHI: 45 credit hours for non-research track

HIV Treatment Error Reduction Using a Genotype Database, Physician attitudes towards clinical information systems and computerized physician order entry, Revenue Cycle Metrics at a Large Academic Medical Center

University of Illinois at Chicago

MS in Public Health, Certificate in Public Health Informatics

School of Public Health

MS: 51 credit hours, field practicum, capstone experience; Certificate: 5 courses completed with a min of 3.0 GPA plus publication quality paper

N/A - non-research program

Bellevue University


College of Professional Studies

127 credit hours

N/A - non-research program

Indiana University

MS in Health Informatics, BS in Health Information Administration, PhD in Health Informatics

School of Informatics at IUPUI (Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis)

MS: 36 credit hours, including a thesis project; BS: 61 credits (as part of a 4-year degree), PhD: 36 credits beyond MS curriculum + usual PhD RQs

Current areas of research include electronic medical records, health data exchange, standards and terminology for health data, clinical decision support, consumer health informatics, technology to enhance patient safety, telehealth application development and implementation, cost reimbursement and integrated health information systems.

Northern Kentucky University

MS and Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

College of Informatics

MS: 35 credit hours (18-foundation courses, 11 - electives, capstone project), Certificate: 12 credits from MHI core

New program, n/a

University of Maryland

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Informatics

Department of Public and Community Health

12 credit hours

N/A - non-research program

John Hopkins Medicine

MS in Health Sciences Informatics; Fellowship in Health Sciences Informatics

Division of Health Sciences Informatics

100 quarter hours (24 hrs core, 18 hrs electives, 6 hrs practica, 16 hrs research seminars, 36 hrs research)

information not readily available

Northeastern University

MS in Health Informatics

College of Computer and Information Science

core of 24 semester hours and 12 hours of electives plus a 1 credit precepted internship and a 3 semester hour capstone project. A GPS of 3.0 or better is required for matriculation

N/A - professional, non-thesis program

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

MS in Health Management & Policy:
Health Informatics Concentration, Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

Continuing Studies and Corporate Education

MS: 12 courses, Certificate: 4 courses


University of Minnesota

MHI (practice oriented) and MS (research oriented), PHD in Health Informatics

Health Informatics

MHI: 32 credits; MS: 42 credit including either project of thesis, depending on track; PhD - 70 credits.

information not readily available

University of Missouri

MS in Health Informatics (Residential and Executive), PhD in Health Informatics

School of Medicine (Dept of Health Management and Informatics)

MS(R) - 42 credits, MS(E) - 33 credits

information not readily available

Saint Louis University

BS in Health Information Management and MS in Health Informatics

Doisy College of Health Sciences

30 credit non-thesis program

n/a - new program

University of Montana

BS in Health Care Informatics

Montana Tech

BS: 120 credit hours


Excelsior College


School of Health Sciences

17 credits



MA and PHD in Public Health Informatics

Biomedical Informatics

MS: 36 credits (12 courses)

Internet-Based Information Technology to Reduce Prescription Errors; Automated ICF Coding Using Medical Language Processing; Refining Organizational Network Analysis Methods for use in Public Health; 

The State University of New York - University at Buffalo

Advanced Studies Certificate in Medical/Health Informatics

School of Informatics

information not readily available


New York Medical College

MPH in Health Informatics, Grad Certificate in Health Informatics

School of Public Health

45-46 credits for MS, 15 credits for Certificate

N/A - non-research program

East Carolina University

Graduate Certificate Health Informatics

College of Allied Health Sciences

15 semester hours


Ohio State University


School of Allied Medical Professions

50 credit hours

N/A - non-research program

Oregon Health & Science University

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics Management

dept of medical informatics and clinical epidemiology (school of Medicine)

33 credits

information not readily available

Drexel University

Online Certificate in Healthcare Informatics

Drexel Online

9 credit hours


University of Tennessee

MS of Health Informatics and Information Management and Post-Baccalaureate certificate

College of Allied Health Sciences

MS: 33 credit hours w/ GPA 3.0 or above and grades of no less than "B" for each course, written comprehensive exam. 


University of Texas Houston 

Certificates in Health Informatics and Public Health Informatics; MS or PHD in Health Informatics 

School of Health Information Sciences at Houston

Certificate: 15 credit hours, MS: 42 credit hours including practicum and publication level paper; PHD: 93 credit hours, Health Informatics prefixed courses must be passed with grade "B" or better

Center for Biosecurity and Public Health Informatics Research, Computational and Predictive Oncology, Preventive Health Informatics and Spatial Analysis, Lab PHISTA

University of North Texas

MS in Information Science specializing in Health Informatics; Certificate of advanced study in Health Informatics (Post-Master), Interdisciplinary PhD with HI concentration

School of Library and Information Science

MS: 36 credit hours, field experience, GPA of 3.0 or higher, no grade of C on core courses, no more than two C grades allowed; Certificate: 24 credit hours, field experience, PhD: 48 credits with health related electives

Web-based clinical information; Information-seeking behavior of health care providers; Organization of medical digital images

University of Virginia

MS in Clinical Research

Public Health Sciences Dept.

31 credit hours, thesis or practicum

Temporal pattern analysis in clinical data; 

University of Washington

Certificate, MS, PHD, post-graduate fellowships in Biomedical and Health Informatics

Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics (under SOM)

MS: 60 credit hours, including at least nine Thesis credits, cumulative GPA of 3.0 minimum, complete an MS thesis and pass a final exam; PHD: 90 credit hours, including 27 Dissertation credits, formal examinations: qualifying exam, general exam, final exam

Community Health Assessment Key Indicators, Personal Health Information Management for Breast Cancer Patients, Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions Using Drug Mechanism Knowledge

Fairmont State University

Health Care Informatics (undergraduate)

School of Nursing and Allied Health

49 credits


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

MS and Certificate in Health Care Informatics, Dual HCI and ILS degree

College of Health Sciences (certificate joint with UWM School of Information Studies)

MS: 35 credit hours, completion of a thesis or a professional project; Dual degree - 56 credits.

Diverse - program faculty are from several departments: Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Computer Science, Library and Information Science, Nursing 


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