Integration of Data and Interfaces to Enhance
Understanding of Government Statistics:
Toward the National Statistical Knowledge Network
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Outline of Elements and Attributes in GovStat Schema Version 2.0

This document contains a listing of elements and their related attributes in the two schemas that make up the GovStat Schema Version 2.0 with values or value sources where applicable. It is an "outline" of the schema.

Top Level Elements in the Entity Description Schema:

Top Level Elements in the Concept-Value Schema:

  1. contentInfo
  2. citation
  3. markupInfo
  4. tableInfo
  5. charInfo
  6. popInfo
  7. universe

  1. adminInfo
  2. conceptualDomain
  3. valueDomain


The GovStat Project is managed at the Interaction Design Laboratory
at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Last Updated 8/3/2005