Integration of Data and Interfaces to Enhance
Understanding of Government Statistics:
Toward the National Statistical Knowledge Network
NSF Grant EIA 0131824


Toward a Statistical Knowledge Network Project Meeting

December 5, 2003
BLS Room 8

         9:00      Introductions and Defining the SKN (Gary Marchionini)
            Vertical integration
            Searching for government information in academic libraries study
         9:15      Ontology and Metadata (Sheila Denn)
            Ontology as top down driver
            Metadata DTD
         9:30      Future Metadata Directions (Carol Hert)
         9:40      Interfaces to Data (Gary Marchionini)
            Relation Browser+ (Junliang Zhang)
                 User study
         9:55      Glossary (Stephanie Haas)
         10:10    Contextualizer (Gary Marchionini)
         10:15    Metadata Discovery (Miles Efron)
         10:30    Break
         10:45    Update on Help (multi-layer design, use of recorded demos), Treemaps for Search (Catherine Plaisant and Ben
         11:00    Facilitating Search with Search History (Bill Kules)
         11:15    Update Visualization of Missing and Uncertain Data (Cyntrica Eaton)
         11:25    Improving Access to Georeferenced Statistical Data for Blind Users (Haixia Zhao)
         11:40     Discussion and Next Steps
                       Pilot projects in agencies?
            -   SKN architecture: centralized vs. distributed?
            -   Ideas for extensions to state and local data
            -   Symposia for spring 2004?
            -   Conferences and papers
            -   Next all-project meeting (May 14, 2004??)
         12:30 Adjourn



The GovStat Project is managed at the Interaction Design Laboratory
at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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