Integration of Data and Interfaces to Enhance
Understanding of Government Statistics:
Toward the National Statistical Knowledge Network
NSF Grant EIA 0131824


Toward a Statistical Knowledge Network Project Meeting

May 9, 2003
BLS Room 8

         9:00 Introductions and Review Project Goals
         9:15 Ontology and Glossary
         9:30 Interfaces to data
       UMD team
Update on:
Help Strategies for Complex User Interfaces
             FedStats page redesign study
         Coordinated visualizations: PairTrees 
Improving the Accessibility of Maps with Spatial Audio 
Visualizing Missing and Uncertain Data
       UNC team
Relation Browser
Automatic Slicing and Dicing
         10:30 Break
         10:45 Metadata
Metadata user study
Update on metadata issues
         11:30 Next steps and Discussion
            Agency assistance in getting data and metadata, agency plans for metadata and data dissemination in
        months/years ahead

           Usage summaries for sites (unique visitors vs repeat, etc.)
           Ideas for extensions to state and local
Symposia for June-August
Support for 03-04
Conferences and papers
Next all-project meeting
         12:30 Adjourn



The GovStat Project is managed at the Interaction Design Laboratory
at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Last Updated 5/6/2003