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Wine is known to be a social beverage used for celebrations, rituals, feasts, and entertaining. Unfortunately, since it is associated with elitism and snobbery, many people are reluctant to explore this spirit at the risk of sounding ignorant to an oenophile. However, the stereotype is fading, and more people are becoming interested in wine. This pathfinder was created in light of this and is meant as a general introduction to wine.


Coverage entails the basic introductory materials found on wine to emphasis wine appreciation. The wine pathfinder is intended for UNC-CH students in their twenties or early thirties with little to no knowledge of the subject area. It mostly directs students towards encyclopedias, guides, companions, and introductory books but also lists directories, indexes and abstracts, journals, and World Wide Web sources. Mostly emphasis is placed on how to select, evaluate, appreciate, store, and use wine to compliment food. Sources also cover different wine regions and other frequent questions asked such as how to read labels, how to find local or regional wineries, and what is recommended?

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Last Updated 12/03
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This pathfinder was created for INLS 111 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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