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In the United States and in the West in general, preventable diseases, such as polio, measles, tetanus, have been all but eradicated through very successful immunization programs. But in a number of developing countries these preventable diseases still afflict hundreds of thousands of people and cause many deaths. These developing countries have not had effective immunization programs for many reasons economic, political, cultural, and historical but in the past decade public and private organizations and many individuals have been putting a lot of effort and resources into implementing effective immunization programs in these countries.  These organizations and individuals have been partially successful in this effort, but there are many obstacles to complete success to complete eradication of these preventable diseases. And more infectious diseases have appeared in the world, like AIDS and SARS.  Research is being done on finding a vaccine for these and other deadly infectious diseases.  This pathfinder is a bibliographic guide to sources that will give you a general all-around understanding of immunization and vaccines, from a basic scientific understanding of them and to broader health issues associated with them.


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