geisha tattoo on head

Donn Davis. Geisha Tattoo. 16 December 2003. Used with permission.



Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information or gateways to additional resources on tattoos. Have fun exploring them!

What You Need to Know About Tattoos and Body Piercings

Portal to a vast amount of resources on tattoos, including sites with free flash, frequently asked questions, guides to conventions, tattoos in the news, and discussion forums.  

The Human Canvas

Educational site that explains the procedure, techniques, protection and care of tattoos as well as the history, tattoo alternatives, and information on the dangers of tattoos and removal procedures. This site was not created by professional tattooists, but gives a good overview of the issues surrounding tattoos.

The Rabbit Hole

Provides links to tattoo news groups and Frequently Asked Questions.

This comprehensive ezine has links to hundreds of tattoo studios across the country and world, as well as links to reference sites, convention information, art resources, and articles.

Tattoo Club of Great Britain

Site of the Tattoo Club of Great Britain and the British Tattoo History Museum . This site provides reviews of recent literature and films about tattoos, a list of resources for tattoo artists (please note that many are specific to Great Britain ), and information on conventions and historical information.


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