Tattoos in Popular Culture

If you're looking for them, it's hard to even walk down a crowded street without noticing tattoos. Tattoos have permeated our society, including pop culture. The following resources are worth looking at just for the fun of it.



Madame Chinchilla. Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed. Fort Bragg , CA : Isadore Press, 1997.

Written by the curator of the Triangle Museum and illustrated by C.W. Eldridge of the Tattoo Archive, this book provides an insightful and fun look at the history and culture of tattoos. It includes lots of personal experiences and fascinating illustrations from the Tattoo Archive.

Krakow, Amy. The Total Tattoo Book. New York, Warner Books Inc., 1994.

A general overview of modern tattoo procedures and tattoos in popular culture. If you want to know which famous people have them and where, this book is for you.



Tattoo , 1981 directed by Bob Brooks

Cult classic about a model who is abducted by a mentally unbalanced tattoo artist who uses her body as a living canvas for his tattoo designs.

Tattoos in Movies/Videos

An online annotated bibliography of popular movies in which tattoos play both minor and major roles.



Vanishing Tattoos' list of celebrities with tattoos

A an alphabetical list of celebrities with tattoos. Photos included.


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Tattoo of spiderman

Spidey. Cam at Voodoo Tattoo Studios.
15 December 2003.