black dragon tattoo covering a person's back

Fabrice, Screaming Needle, Lyon. Tattoo based on Ciruelo Cabral painting. © Ciruelo Cabral. 16 December 2003.



There are hundreds if not thousands of magazines devoted tattoos. The following is an alphabetical list of some of the major magazines in the field.


This magazine sets out to explore "the mystique, the beauty, the art of tattooing." It concentrates heavily on images.

International Tattoo Art

This magazine is a good source for traditional tattoos. 9 issues per year. Contains pictures, interviews, and articles. View table of contents online.

Prick Magazine

A free tattoo and body piercing magazine distributed in major cities throughout the U.S. Current issue available online.

Skin & Ink

Bimonthly magazine covering all aspects of tattooing--artists, designs, culture, and upcoming events. Excerpts from current and past issuese available online as well as an online chat room and other resources.


This general tattoo magazine features articles and images about tattoos, tattoo artists and tattoo culture.

Tattoo Life

This magazine touts itself as more than just a magazine, it's a cultural space for tattoo art and its expression. It endeavors to provide readers with quality information about the world of tattooing exploring all aspects of tattooing, including history, cultural significance, current movements and traditions worldwide, and of course lots of images. This site will take a while to load, however, with a dial up connection.

Tattoo Savage

This unique tattoo and piercing magazine covers the modern party scene, like parasitic flash art and piercing displays. It's an edgier magazine.


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