Tattoo of Jesus Christ on the back

Religious Tattoo

Arm tattoo of woman in front of U.S. Flag

Soldier's Tattoo


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Tattooing is an ancient art, an art practiced across centuries, cultures, and geographic areas. The history of the tattoo is as varied as the people who have born them. Tattoos have been linked to prestige, affiliation, power, and wealth. Tattoos have also been linked to stigma, imprisonment, and disease. Tattooing has been used as a form of control as well as a symbol of rebellion. In the Western world, tattooing rests just on the outskirts of the mainstream, widely practiced but never completely accepted. Tattooing remains illegal in two U.S. states, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Despite its tenuous status in society, tattooing has a rich history and a strong present day culture.


The tattooing community is grounded in tradition and in respect .This site is designed specifically to provide resources to prospective tattoo artists and to help orient them to this community. Tattooing is an apprentice art, meaning that the most widely accepted method of becoming a tattoo artist is by working with and learning from an experienced artist. Breaking into the field, becoming proficient in the art, and building a reputation are difficult tasks that take hard work, perseverance and in most cases a bit of luck. Tattoo enthusiasts of all kinds may also find the resources helpful and interesting.

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