Teaching and Learning Preferences

Below are a number of statements about various aspects of designing a course. I'd like to hear from you with your preferences about the different kinds of class sessions, whether you prefer individual or group work, what kinds of assignments suit you best. For each of the statements, please select like, dislike or neutral. An opportunity to add additional comments occurs at the end, but first tell me who you are:


I probably won't be able to satisfy everyone in the class but we can accommodate a lot of differences.

My opinions about the different kinds of class sessions are as follows:

I lecture classes.

I discussion classes.

I guest speakers.

I field trips/site visits.

I lab classes.

I exercises in class.

I role play.

I whole group discussion.

I small group discussion.

I student presentations.

In general, I prefer activities.

My preferences for assignments are as follows:

I semester-long projects but only if they have the following attributes:

I short exercises.

I a reflective journal.

I a research paper.

I several short papers.

I short exercises.

I presentations.

I exams.

I readings from a variety of sources.

I interviewing practitioners.

I case study analysis.

Please add any comments here to amplify or add to your preference list above.

Thanks for your input.

Page revised 1/8/2000.