A small portion of the information you provide on this sheet (e.g., name, address, telephone number, and some pertinent interesting information) will be reproduced on a list for distribution to all students in the class.  If you prefer to have only your n
ame listed, please check this space_______, but fill out the sheet anyway,


Preferred Form of Address (e.g. nickname, first name, middle name, etc.)	

Address (local)	


Telephone Number (Day)___________________________ (Night)_________________________________

Place of work (if any)	

Student Status (Check one):  MSLS (lst year)_____; MSLS (2nd year)_____; MSIS(1st year)_____; MSIS(2nd year)_____;  Prematriculated Future Student _____; Other_____(Specify)

Have you ever taken any other management course?       If yes, when and where?  What was it?

Have you ever had any experience in managing others?  (Parenting counts, as does volunteer work, as well as paid employment)  If yes, describe the experience(s) briefly.  (Use back of sheet if you need more room)

What periodicals do you read, even if irregularly, that have articles relating to management?  

Do you recognize any of the following names?

					yes		no
	Tom Peters
	Herbert Mintzberg
	Peter Drucker
	Rosabeth Moss Kanter
	Herbert Simon

Please list any topics that you think are relevant to management or work life in general and that you would like to find out more about.

If you were to overhear some of your work colleagues talking about you, what would you consider an accurate description?