Initiated 10/16/99
Revised 8/30/2005

HTML Tools.



Internet Search Engines

Clip Art

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Help with HTML

Intro to HTML
Learn the basic concept of HTML tags.
HTML Goodies
One of the first online HTML tutorials with a great sense of humor.
Overview of all HTML Tags
Also available in list format. Both pages give tags with definitions.
Browser Safe Color Palette
Working with color in your pages? Read and open new window with colors and values.

the Complete HTML True Color Chart Seems to have more gradations than the one above.

Reference: Color Codes on WebMonkey site. Another good color site.

A place to copy and paste HTML code.

Tables, Tables, Tables!
Crashcourse In Tables!
A quick start -up guide.

Page Design
What Makes a Great Web Site?
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide

Graphics for Your Pages

The Mining Company
A great starting place. Organized by subject. Includes free images.
Icon Bazaar
Free images. Slow to load.
Realm Graphics Web Images
Free images.
A-1 Image Archive
Over 300,000 free website graphics
JPG vs GIF format
If you are working directly with the images, here's an explanation of when to save as a JPG vs. a GIF image format.

Screen Captures
Use Paint Shop Pro to capture an image of your computer desktop.
Use Graphic Converter to capture an image of your computer desktop.