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About the Plant Information Center Project

The Plant Information Center is a partnership of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, UNC Herbarium, the UNC School of Information and Library Science, the McDougle Middle School, and the Orange County Public Library. The current phase is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services from October 1999 to September 2001 (see grant proposal for details). Through the project a web based center is being developed that links digital images of herbarium specimens, associated data, outreach programs of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, the data base and web site expertise of the School of Information and Library Science, with a unique library that is a shared facility of Orange County Public Library and McDougle Middle School. Central to the project is the development and employment of a series of applications that facilitate resource discovery, interactive learning, and contributory opportunities within the PIC system. Initial testing of PIC is through sixth-grade science curriculum activities involving plant identification and classification. On a larger scale, PIC promotes the flow of scientific information to researchers, amateur botanists, students (elementary through higher education), and other communities interested in botanical science.

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