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Plant Information Center Advisory Group

Stephanie Haas
Associate Professor,
Information and Library Science, UNC-CH

Greg Georges
Digital Photographer, 
Chapel Hill

Jim Hardin
Herbarium Curator (retired)
North Carolina State University

Gail Jones
Associate Professor, School of Education
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Anne Lindsey
Laurel Hill Press
Chapel Hill

Gene McBane
Media Specialist
Stanback Middle School, Hillsborough

Jim Murphy
BOTNET Consultant
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Barbara Pedersen
7th Grade Science Teacher
Guy B. Phillips Middle School, Chapel Hill

Deborah Pedersen
Information Resource Specialist
Learn-NC, UNC School of Education

Milo Pyne
Regional Vegetation Ecologist
Association for Biodiversity Information / TNC Southern Resource Office

Fiona Rae
7th Grade Science Teacher
McDougle Middle School, Chapel Hill

Brenda Stephens
Orange County Public Library

Vincas Steponaitis
Professor / Director Research labs of Archaeology
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Wendy Weiher
Rare Plant Initiative
North Carolina Wild Flower Preservation Society

The Plant Information Center Project Staff

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