Spring 2006

Six assignments are to be completed. The first and last assignments are paired (Market Audit and Consulting Report). You are encouraged to complete these two assignments with a partner. Team work is valuable even if it seems to take more time; you will gain more from the assignment by having a partner to brainstorm and discuss it with and to share the investigative and writing burdens. You will both receive the same grade unless there was overwhelming evidence to do otherwise.

A sizable proportion of your final grade (20%) is given to class participation. It includes attending and actively participating in class, completing some outside reading (in addition to assigned textbook chapters), and making thoughtful posts to the Blackboard discussion forums.

See the box below for links to details and dates when each of the assignments listed above is due.

Market Audit

Presentation - Mar.1 or 8
Write-up - March 1

Short Exercise 1 - Relationship Marketing or Service Recovery

February 1

Short Exercise 2 - Customer-Defined Service Standards or The Servicescape

February 22

Short Exercise 3 - Employee or Customer Roles in Service Delivery

March 22

Short Exercise 4 - Managing Customer Costs or Customer Promises

April 12

Consulting Report

Presentation - Apr. 19 or 26
Write-up - May 3

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