Public Relations Activities

Your textbook provides a good introduction to the goals and objectives of public relations activities. The notes below address some of the steps you might go through to prepare for public relations activities.

  1. Collect the Facts. The first step in any public relations program is to develop a collection of facts about the organization. Some of the information useful to collect for PR purposes includes the following:

  2. Review all the Information -- Organize this background material into useful categories and review it from time to time, discuss it with others, consider it a resource for future publicity ideas.

  3. Create a Media File. Analyze the media and determine which media are important for your publicity goals -- newspapers (local and/or large metropolitcan), television (news, sports, talk shows), radio (news, talk shows, music stations), special interest publications (consumer or trade). Study the media. Keep your list of publications up to date with names and telephone numbers of contact people.

  4. Consider What is News -- Editors will ask the following three questions about a potential news item:

    1. Is it timely?

    2. Did it happen nearby?

    3. Is it about someone or something of interest to my readers/viewers/listeners?

    The more news elements in a given story, the more likely it is to be picked up by the media. For example,

  5. Some Possible News Items

An Example of a Professional Press Release


The John Diggs Shovel Company Address: Telephone Number: Contact Person:




John E. Peterson has been named Sales Promotion Manager of the John Diggs Shovel Company, it was announced today by John Diggs, President.

Peterson, who for ten years has been Market Director for Farm Equipment, Inc., will coordinate all sales promotion activities for the company's new Back to Basics program.

Peterson said, "My goal is to make the public aware of how our everyday activities of gardening and home maintenance can be altered to improve our total environment."

The John Diggs Shovel Company is one of the oldest companies in the Southeast.