School of Information and Library Science


INLS 204 - Spring 2001 - 9:30 - 12:00 Mondays



Course Notes

This course examines "Information in Society" for selected nations/cultures. Institutions, processes, issues and trends in the globalization of information management in the face of barriers of language and culture will also be explored.
-- Course description from SILS catalog

My tentative plans for the course in the spring are to consider the various international agencies that currently exist (UN, UNESCO, US-AID, IFLA, FID, the World Library Partnership, etc.) and the work they do and to address 7-8 broad issues at the beginning of the course, more or less in seminar fashion -- things like population growth and change, quality of life, educational systems, literature and culture (including storytelling and folktales), libraries and other information support systems. Each person in the class will be asked to adopt a country or a region and become the class expert on that country. The question will be, "What is the current library situation (or information perspective) and what is the information flow within the country? What improvements could be made to address the special issues facing that country (or region)?"


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Revised 12/6/2000
Evelyn Daniel, Instructor