Evelyn Daniel
Rev. 5/24/2000.







Summer 2000

Course Description

"The emergence of management may be the pivotal event of our time."
--Peter Drucker

"Management sets the tone and determines the strategic goals. Management is responsible for a company's success or failure. Management sets deadlines, dress codes, corporate educational policies and determines if incompetents stay in the company."
--Irv Wendell

"I am hurt, but I'm not dead
I am wounded, but I'm not slain
I'll lay me down and bleed awhile
Then rise to fight again."
-- Old Scottish Proverb

An introduction to management in libraries and other infomation settings. Topics to be studied include the organizational environment, planning and decision making, staffing, organizing, time management, team building and conflict management, finance and budgeting, leadership, organizational change, and decision making.

Evelyn Daniel