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This class is the Applied Data Science Practicum, the capstone course for the UNC Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science (CADS).

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About this Course

What is INLS 792?

INLS 792: Applied Data Science Practicum is the capstone course for the UNC Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science (CADS). The course is designed to build upon the formal classroom instruction CADS students receive in data science concepts and technologies through a "hands-on" project experience within an industry, non-profit or other work environment. Students propose their own projects which should relate to their primary field of study/practice. The aim is to provide students with a practical learning opportunity to apply data science techniques on real-world problems.

Who can register for INLS 792?

Only CADS students can take INLS 792. This class is a required part of the CADS certificate curriculum. Students must be admitted to CADS and complete all other CADS course requirements prior to registering for INLS 792. Unfortunately, no other students may enroll in this class.

I'm a CADS student. How do I register?

CADS students will take INLS 792 as their final class in the certificate program. To enroll, students must be complete and submit an online Project Proposal form which includes a detailed proposal for their planned project. The proposal must also include a project mentor. You should receive information about the requirements and proposal process as you near the registration cycle for your final CADS semester. Please contact the CADS program coordinator for more information.

I'm not a CADS student. Can I get in if there is room?

Only CADS students can enroll in this course. There are no exceptions to this policy.

How do I become a CADS student?

You can learn more about the CADS program, including information about how to apply, from the CADS website.

Class Materials

This class uses UNC's Canvas system for all class communication. If you are registered for INLS 792 for the current semester, you should have access to the course site on Canvas. Through that site you can adcess the course syllabus, assignment descriptions, and deadlines. Course announcements are also made via Canvas, so please be sure to visit Canvas regularly throughout the semester.