INLS 560 Programming for Information Professionals

INLS 560 is an introduction to computer programming that focuses on language fundamentals and programming techniques for information science use. This course emphasizes problem-solving through the development of practical applications such as text processing, file handling, web and database access.

Examples will be used extensively to teach programming concepts and problem-solving techniques.

This course is an introduction to programming and assumes students have no prior experience. If you know how to program, or just want to learn Python, this may not be an effective course for you, as the emphasis is on introductory programming concepts.

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of programming
  • Learn how to use programming to solve problems
  • Learn good programming practices
  • Develop a knowledge base that allows you to learn more about Python, and other languages, on your own
Course Materials

REQUIRED TEXT: Starting Out with Python, 4th edition by Tony Gaddis. You may use the 3rd edition for this course, as the content is very similar. Also, the digital resources available with the textbook are not required for this class.

SOFTWARE: Python Intepreter, and PyCharm, an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python.
Instructions for downloading, installing, and using Python and PyCharm are available as slides and a recording.