Technology in Public Libraries

Orange County Public Library in Hillsborough, NC

You might find it interesting to read about this particular public library.

Today's session will be about technology topics, with the class visiting our hosts in Hillsborough.


Kevin Collins and Darvin Heo

Plus Jason Richmonmd of the Orange County Public Library

Who? What?


Readings for this week's topic

Read these items and plan to post a consideration about it.

Please read this overview about equity in technology access between rural and urban libraries.

  1. Matt Enis, “PLA Technology Survey Highlights Crucial Role Libraries Play in Digital Equity” (2021)

Next, check out the webpage of the Chicago Public Library YOUmedia space and watch the short embedded video.

  1. Chicago Public Library YOUmedia website

Optionally, read this article on the benefits of video games for teens in public libraries. This one is okay to skim :)

  1. Jenny Levine, “Libraries, Videogames, and Civic Engagement” (2009)

We'll spend some time discussing these readings as a part of today's presentations

Who? What?